Supra Females – The Stars who Love Supra Trainers

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Seen on the feet of influential male stars, Supra trainers have become a major must-have on the hip hop scene – here are the Supra females who love their Supra trainers just as much.

Supra trainers are worn by the world’s most stylish, most streetwise and most influential men; rappers, rock stars, sports stars and the like have been spotted by Paparazzi camera men rocking these incredibly slick and funky shoes by the cool and quirky Supra brand.

Supra trainers are bold, statement shoes which get attention wherever you go so it’s no wonder that there are so many people in the celebrity world jumping on the fashion bandwagon. Lil’ Wayne himself is known to sport a different pair of stylish Supras wherever he goes, and has even worn bespoke Supra designs on stage. But are Supra trainers just for men? Or can our female stars set the same trend for the world’s fashionable ladies?

Supra Trainers Spotted on Female Celebs

Supra trainers are worn by the world’s most incredible male stars, with the world of hip hop, the skate scene and street fashion backing the label with some invaluable endorsements. But there are female stars who love Supra trainers just as much as the men, and here are a few of them...


With Rihanna’s hip hop and R&B musical background, her sexy tomboy haircuts and her daring fashion sense, Supra trainers fit her personality and character just perfectly. Spotted wearing Supra trainers with skinny jeans and a casual top at the airport, Rihanna makes the Supra shoe look comfortable yet stylish all at the same time.

Lindsay Lohan

Miss Lohan has always been known for her rebellious nature and her mischievous antics. Since her early days as a child actress, Lindsay has broken out of her innocent shell and has wrecked havoc with every rebellious move. Her love of Supra trainers shows her more rebellious and boyish side, and accessorised with an oversized handbag, Lindsay makes the Supra shoe look absolutely effortless.

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira is one of the coolest ladies to hit the music scene and she has been photographed wearing Supra trainers with a sexy oversized shirt dress. This trendy singer adds a touch of glam to the trainer brand and could be responsible for starting one of the biggest footwear trends in fashion.

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