Sell Your Sole with Supra Trainers

Supra at footasylum
Supra at footasylum

Supra trainers have developed a shoe with a sole that can double as available ad space thanks to a novel idea from Horizon media.

The Supra brand shoe has a sole that has made underfoot advertising a reality. Advertisers are flocking to fork out on the latest trend to advertise on the feet of their key demographic. The youth of today is keen to flaunt their appreciation for brands that reflect their core values and personal style. As such, Supra trainers are appealing to a number of companies looking to showcase their logo in an innovative way.

Mobile Advertising at its Best

What better way to spread the word about your brand than with Supra trainers that can advertise your product or logo for longer and at a lower cost than advertising on billboards and in elevators. Wearers of Supra trainers will be able to sport their chosen sole wherever they go daily. As a result, this form of out-of-home advertising is set to catch on quickly. Entrepreneurs are cottoning on to the idea of selling their fashion sense to big brands. Companies like Corona have already had their bottles emblazoned within the sole on Supra trainers. As such, any brand looking to appeal to young, fashion-forward people will no doubt benefit from this new form of advertising.

The Sole Reason for Fashion

Celebrities love innovative footwear fashions and no more so than the legendary Justin Bieber who has been seen to sport Supra| trainers regularly. The iconic Supra soles make them instantly recognisable to passers by which have no doubt fuelled the increasing desire for their trainer trends. Continually pushing the boundaries of footwear design, it is no wonder that Supra footwear has some of the most sought-after soles on the market at the moment.

Supra Footwear from Footasylum

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