Pucker Up your Luminous Lips with Amplified T Shirts

Amplified  at footasylum

Amplified at footasylum
If ever there was a photo print t shirt brand that shouted the loudest – it would of course be Amplified.

Inevitably the loudest and most outgoing of your friends will absolutely love the latest collection of Amplified photo print t shirts, and it’s not surprising. The Amplified photo printed t shirts depict confident and sexy women obviously having fun displaying as much naked flesh as possible. In particular, the Gloria Dance photo print t shirt is an image of a glamorous model in bikini underwear with only two graphically drawn stars hiding her nakedness. The print is dissected by geometric chunks of colourful shapes and is a dramatic, provocative design.

Cow Girl Fashion - Sexy Photo Print T Shirts

Another classic black and white photo quality printed t shirt by Amplified shows a heavily made-up topless model wearing nothing but a cowboy hat with her long hair hanging down over her shoulders. This sexy photo print has only two colours added to the picture, a gold and black striped sheriff –style badge on her chest, and the models’ over plumped up and puckered lips shaded in nearly luminous pink. It’s called the Amplified Gina Gun photo print

Amplified Photo Print T Shirts – Making a Statement

The Amplified brand is famous for its sexy and cutting edge photo print t shirt designs. The Amplified has grown out of the company’s designer’s love of rock and roll, music, and festivals and they are now known as one of the most popular festival clothes to be seen in at Glastonbury, Latitude, the Isle of Wight and V festivals every summer. The photo print t shirts are perfect for showcasing top musicians, and for fans of both photo printed t shirts as well as those who love to wear the image of their musical rock band icons on their chests.

Sexy Photo Print T Shirts by Amplified

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