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The brand history of Projekts NYC

Projekts nyc at footasylumWelcome to life in 'The Projekts' - Harlem, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. Afroman, 'the coolest guy in Brooklyn' cruises about in his spotless low rider, patrolling the streets of The Projekts overlooking New York City. It is rumoured that he has the strongest underground links with 'The Bossman'. An unrivalled street credibility belongs to one man who is often heard of but never seen. The people of The Projekts are tormented by the myth of one character known only as 'The Bossman'.
A group of people who were influenced by a visit to The Projekts decided that they were going to set up a label, which they called simply 'Projekts NYC'.
The label was established in 2004 with an initial headwear collection that launched in Summer 2004, followed shortly by a clothing collection in Autumn 2004.
Projekts NYC is becoming one of the UKs fastest growing street clothing brands, thanks to an ever increasing popularity amongst British celebrity A listers, Katie Price (Jordan) and Peter Andre, Leilani, Jennifer Ellison and high profile Premiership footballers, Jermain Defoe and Ashley Cole.
The label's trademark ‘Bossman' emblem and street culture vibe based on The Projekts - Harlem, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn, can be seen on headwear garments such as caps, trucker hats, 59Fifty's and knitted beanies and clothing garments such as t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, jackets, pants and sweats with more ranges to follow in the upcoming future.
Projekts NYC is more than just a brand. It's about the lives of generations that have lived in ‘The Projekts', where street culture means everything. More importantly it represents and expresses a lifestyle which started in the streets of Harlem, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn and quickly spread across the major cities of the world.

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