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The brand history of Penguin Original

Penguin original at footasylumIn 1955, Minneapolis-based Munsingwear (an underwear and military supply company) ironically became the touchstone of suburban sport with the introduction of the first iconic golf shirt to America – an Original Penguin.
The now famous Original Penguin logo has an interesting story behind it. As history tells us, one of Munsingwear’s salesmen spotted a flock of penguins in the window of a New York taxidermist – and on what seems like a lark, bought one of the stuffed birds. And before long, "Pete" the penguin became the official mascot and logo of golf shirts.
Its first shirt – the 1955, was an instant golf classic, first to feature an "action gusset" or a ribbed slice of fabric on the underarm to avoid rips during even the most enthusiastic golf swing.
An Original Penguin by Munsingwear became a staple among the masters of suburban leisure well into the 1980s – worn by the likes of Arnold Palmer, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Richard Nixon.
In 2003, an Original Penguin was recreated by a group of people who love great style and smart clothing.
Today's style makers (you) have evolved this legend and made it your very own. Thank you. We are proud to design collections for people with such great intellect, style and humour.

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