Nike Flyknit

Introduced in 2012, Flyknit was developed by Nike to create a high performance material unlike anything made before, while reducing waste at the same time. Its aim was to make a sneaker that would be hard wearing and would help stop excess waste going to the landfills. Nike spent 10 years researching to find the next evolution of footwear, the result was a specially knitted upper, made with a high strength ultra-light yarn making a material that was both incredibly light, strong and stretchy, and so Flyknit technology was born. Every stitch of the Flyknit upper has been micro engineered, meaning it can adapt and change according to the needs of the wearer. After making its first appearance in the Flyknit racer, the technology went on to be introduced to the training, running, soccer, basketball and lifestyle releases.

Available in such classic silhouettes as the Air Max 1, Air Force 1, Roshe and the Air Max Mercurial, shop all the Nike Flyknit collection at Footasylum now and look as fly as you feel.







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