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New era at footasylum
 New era at footasylum
Since 1920 New Era has been the world’s premier headwear company. Our products transcend time, culture, sport and fashion, and allow you to fully express your personality and your style. Our focus is, has been, and always will be on creations that are inspired, designed and handcrafted to fit your life.
The headwear of choice around the world, New Era is found in virtually every walk of life. When Mark McGwire broke Roger Maris' long held, season home run record in 1998, he wore a special commemorative cap by New Era. Spike Lee and Fred Durst have longstanding relationships with New Era and sport its caps religiously.
New Era has invited the likes of Rappers Fabolous and Dizzee Rascal, Snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya, Actor Danny Masterson and Fashion Designers Marc Echo and Wale Adeyemi, to name a few, to do collaborative designs with the company. Its reach is endless, from coast to coast and around the world.
During the past eight decades New Era has produced the highest quality headwear in the market, making it the only licensed headwear that is recognised by name.

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