Mitchell & Ness – Over a Century at the Peak of Sports Apparel

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American sports brand Mitchell & Ness are celebrating over 100 years of sports apparel superiority.

For any business to survive over 100 years is impressive. For a business to do so and thrive is remarkable, and one company that has done exactly that is Mitchell & Ness. This US enterprise was first established way back in 1904, when it began providing sports clothing and equipment.

The company was formed by Frank P Mitchell and Charles M Ness and early offerings included tennis racquet and golf clubs. Mitchell was a former tennis player and wrestler and Ness a former golfer, so between the two of them they had a great base of sporting knowledge to rely on. This gave them an edge over other sports goods retailers and this was a key to the success of their brand. Today Mitchell & Ness remains a success in the sports apparel world, over a century after the brand’s inception.

Mitchell & Ness Caters for a Range of US Sports

US sportswear has been popular in the UK for decades, from baseball jackets to basketball shirts and all kinds of caps. Mitchell & Ness offers clothing and headwear related to a variety of American sports, such as:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Athletics
If you are a fan of this athletic and now iconic clothing, Mitchell & Ness is the name to remember.


Mitchell & Ness – a Head for fashion

Among the quality sports apparel available from Mitchell & Ness there are a plethora of stylish baseball caps. US baseball caps have enjoyed a place in the fashion world since the 1980s and their popularity hasn’t decreased in the years since. Now skaters, hip hop kids, rockers, sports fans and many others wear baseball caps daily. Hats bearing the names of American sports teams are particularly popular and Mitchell & Ness offer a multitude to choose from.

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