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Lacoste Sold Every Second Worldwide – Get the Real Deal

Lacoste is one of the most in demand designer brands, which is why consumers need to be aware of counterfeit goods.

Lacoste – Putting the Sport into Fashion

Lacoste have always had a strong association with the world of sport, and the brand has recently announced Andy Roddick will be its ambassador until 2013.

Lacoste Partners Breast Cancer

Fashion favourite Lacoste has teamed up with the Breast Cancer charity.

Lacoste – The Retro Look

Lacoste’s latest collections have a retro feel with a modern twist.

Lacoste – The Classic Croc

Lacoste are one of the giants of the fashion industry, as enduring as their fashion logo – the crocodile.

Lacoste Dresses Tennis Legends

It’s fitting that Lacoste, the label that bears the name of a tennis champion, continues to have a close association with the sport.

Lacoste Stays Close to its Roots

Talking to the Emirates magazine Business 24-7, Michel Lacoste says the key to the brand's success is staying true to its roots.

Lacoste – On Your Bike!

Lacoste is a brand that is as tough as crocodile skin, thanks to staying close to its preppy trademark vibe while taking an innovative approach.

Lacoste Through Time

Lacoste is a well-established brand with a large following.

Lacoste Goes Mobile

Lacoste doesn’t just make clothes – the company is about to launch a mobile phone.

Lacoste Unveil Autumn - Winter Collection of Trainers for 2009

It is fair to say that the Lacoste footwear collection is one of the most eagerly anticipated and the French fashion label recently unveiled their autumn/winter Lacoste trainers collection to the public and it certainly didn't disappoint fans of Lacoste footwear.

Lacoste Clothing – Amazing Apparel

The Lacoste brand of clothing and footwear is extensive to say the least and consumers are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to picking Lacoste footwear or polo shirts to match your style. Lacoste are set to wow their fans again with a flotilla of new releases.

Lacoste – A Question of Identity

The dapper vibe of Lacoste clothing has attracted a new face for its male fragrance range: Hayden Christensen.

The Lacoste Legend

Knowing what designer clothing fans are after is central to establishing oneself as a leading light in the world of men’s fashion world.

Lacoste are a Leading Name in Mens Designer Clothing

Knowing what designer clothing fans are after is central to establishing oneself as a leading light in the world of men’s fashion and this is something that Lacoste has achieved with considerable aplomb.

Lacoste Polo Shirts - Short Sleeve Season is upon us

Obviously, Lacoste polo shirts can be worn year round but with spring and summer fast approaching here in the UK, most designer clothing fans are looking towards short sleeve Lacoste polo shirts for their summer wardrobes.

Lacoste Snaps Back

Lacoste is snapping back as the designer brand flourishes with its retro appeal.

Lacoste Leads the Way

Lacoste has been credited for paving the way for global brands to turn into 'super brands'.

Lacoste – The Brand with Bite

The Lacoste fashion label is famed for its crocodile logo and it is certainly an applicable motif for the clothing giants as Lacoste is definitely a fashion range with bite. Lacoste clothing is immensely popular in the UK and is worn in all sorts of scenarios.

Lacoste Trainers Feature Leather and Woven Uppers

Lacoste, the world’s most renowned maker of casual sportswear, has developed a line of lightweight, yet extremely stylish and elegant trainers. Easily spotted by the ever-present Lacoste crocodile logo, these trainers offer simple style and comfort in lieu of high tech flash.

Lacoste Breaks Out of the Preppie Mode

When Rene' Lacoste retired from professional tennis in 1933 and started a simple shirt company based on the comfortable white sportswear he wore at Wimbledon, no one, not even Rene' thought that this was the start of one of the most successful apparel franchises in the world.

Lacoste - Style and Elegance

Lacoste is a sports fashion brand that has retained its elegant style throughout the decades. Most sports brands prefer a big, brash approach to marketing and design. Just think of Nike with its iconic Swoosh logo and chunky larger-than-life Air trainers. However, the Lacoste brand has chosen to retain the elegant feel of its 1920’s tennis heritage in its sports and fashion wear.

Lacoste - See you later, alligator

Lacoste is renowned for its iconic crocodile emblem, and this is how the brand began. Lacoste is an iconic global brand, well-known and loved for its timeless, elegant clothing with a sporty edge. And little wonder, for the brand’s founder, Rene Lacoste, was a champion tennis player in the 1920’s and 30’s, who decided to set up his own clothing line. But as well as the quality and styling of the clothing, the Lacoste brand is also famous for its legendary crocodile motif – and this is how that emblem came into being.

Lacoste clothing - Lacoste Unveils Plans for its Future

It is safe to say that Lacoste clothing has firmly established itself on the fashion circuit and their famous crocodile logo is one of the most recognisable trademarks in the fashion. Lacoste recently revealed their future plans.

Lacoste trainers - Taking a Look at some of the Most Popular Lacoste Trainers

Lacoste are renowned the world over for their polo shirts emblazoned with the famous crocodile logo but the French based company are now beginning to make considerable waves with their range of Lacoste footwear which is great for sport and the high street.

Lacoste - Fashion Label Bags Tennis Star

When it comes to tennis and fashion, there are few names more qualified to have a foot in both camps than Lacoste. The effortlessly stylish label was created by a tennis player and today’s biggest stars are lining up to wear Lacoste.

Lacoste - Combining Fashion and Sport

The clothing label, Lacoste, is now synonymous with high fashion but the label has a unique history spanning all the way back to trailblazing tennis player, Rene Lacoste. Lacoste is now one of the world’s most popular labels.

Lacoste Joins Forces with Major Tennis Tournament

Lacoste and Lacoste clothing in particular has been synonymous with the sport of tennis for decades. According to a report in the Herald Sun, Lacoste have brokered a deal to be one of the major sponsors of the Australian Open.

Lacoste - Hot in Hollywood

Lacoste is a world recognised fashion label that is synonymous with both the sporting world, predominantly tennis, and it is a first class fashion label as well. As such, it is little wonder that Lacoste has found favour in Hollywood.

Lacoste - Taking a Look at the Famous Lacoste Polo Shirt

Few items of clothing are so firmly entrenched in the collective consciousness of fashion lovers as Lacoste polo shirts. It’s safe to say that Lacoste polo shirts are one of the most recognisable features of the fashion industry today.