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Amplified  at footasylum

Amplified at footasylum
If you’re fan of Amplified t shirts and also like Kasabian then you’ll love these Kasabian t shirts.

Kasabian are an English psychedelic, electronic indie band that blasted onto the UK music scene in the mid-nineties and stormed into the charts surprising a lot of music aficionados. The new Amplified Kasabian ‘Empire’ T shirt features Tom Meighan with his hands and arms raised in a victorious greeting towards a mass of happy festival goers. The Kasabian t shirts are printed in faded black and white newspaper style print, with a plain white back, and have the band’s official name featured across the chest in their distinctive typeface.

Distinctive & Successful – Last Trip

Kasabian first started playing gigs in their college and local venues including “The Charlotte”, “The Shed” and “The Factory”, in Leicester where they studied. They renamed their band from Saracuse to Kasabian from the name of the Charles Manson cult’s member Linda Kasabian, who was the main eye-witness in the Charles Manson murders trials. After spending some time recording their first album and releasing it, their very first single ‘Club Foot’, shot to top of the charts and secured them a place in the British music scene. From then on the only way was up, and now Kasabian play at nearly every major rock festival, and their third album was shortlisted for Mercury Prize 2009.

West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum – Kasabian T Shirts

The lyrics and titles of Kasabian’s tracks seem to follow a theme of strange titles and dark but nicely observed lyrics. Its bouncy, electronic, bass beats work as a great background for the twisting, tortured but with tuneful melodies over the top. The tracks are infinitely easy to dance to, and have gone down a storm at the latest summer music festivals around the UK.

Kasabian T Shirts by Amplified

The Amplified range of Kasabian t shirts reflect the band’s devotion to outdoor festival rock concerts and ‘Last Trip’ the t shirt dedicates the front to a striking black and white image of the singer looking moody in a typical rock star pose. The guitarist is shown practising his music while seated on an amp in full rock costume. The photo print is a grainy but interesting image perfect for the t shirt.

Amplified Kasabian T Shirts from Foot Asylum

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