Join the Footwear Revolution with Toms Shoes

Toms at footasylumTOMS at footasylum

Not only do Toms shoes give a pair to needy children for every pair you buy, but their unique style of shoes is revolutionising the footwear industry with a range of colourful, wearable alternatives to the standard flat shoe.

The One for One movement by Toms footwear has put them firmly on the map as an ethical shoe retailer. Donating a pair of Toms to a needy child with every pair that is sold has enabled them to help some of the most poverty-stricken areas in the world. Collaborating with businesses and corporations around the globe, they have encouraged others to be just as generous. However, not only does their ethical shoe range make a difference in the lives of children; their expertly crafted designs have brought them just as much attention in the fashion industry.

Style Your Sole with Toms Shoe Parties

The Style Your Sole party idea was invented by Toms to bring people, children and friends together to express themselves and customise their own pair of Toms. All you need to do is buy Toms white canvas shoes in bulk and get creative. From paints to accessories; there are an infinite number of possibilities to creating your own personal style. Whether it’s a baby shower or a community event; you can style your sole your way with Toms espadrilles.

Take Steps Towards a Better Future

You can feel good about your footwear again when you purchase Toms shoes that make a real difference in the world. With so many wearable, fashionable and functional styles to choose from, you can enjoy great-looking shoes at the same time.

Espadrilles – This year, the season essential looks set to be the espadrille. Toms shoes have base much of their collection around this unique design that can be dressed up, dressed down and made to look your own with a range of styles and colours to choose from.

Botas Shoes – Designed for more testing terrain, Toms Botas shoes are firmer and come with a faux shearling lining for extra warm in the winter months.

Perforated Espadrilles – Flats are back. Not only do their canvas designs hold appeal, their range also includes perforated materials and glittery additions which look great with evening and even wedding attire.

One for One with Toms Shoes from Footasylum

If you are looking for colourfully creative shoes, you can find a great selection of Toms footwear at Footasylum. Choosing a pair from our collection of Toms shoes and espadrilles will enable another child to benefit from their very own pair. Browse our range of Toms footwear online today.