Indie Enthusiasts Will Love MI-PAC Backpacks

Indie Enthusiasts Will Love MI-PAC Backpacks

Indie fashion was big in 2012 and looks set to remain that way in 2013. Major fashion labels are still paying homage to indie by showcasing new lines and new styles which have a distinct heritage influence, taking inspiration from vintage indie culture going back as far as the bohemian 60s.

Indie fashion lovers will be delighted to find that the trend continues to expand beyond clothing, and the latest must have is an indie-inspired backpack which is functional as well as fashionable. And none do this better than MI-PAC backpacks – heritage style backpacks for serious indie enthusiasts.

Why Do We Love MI-PAC Backpacks?

There are many reasons to love MI-PAC backpacks. For a start, each season’s new range contains a little something for everyone, making MI-PAC the go-to brand for indie lovers of all ages and styles.

The Spring 2013 range of MI-PAC backpacks is seriously cool and includes six key collections:

  • Classic – featuring 12 different choices of solid colour.
  • Tonal – two-tone and three-tone designs in a range of different colours.
  • Textile – showcasing vibrant Nordic and Native American patterns.
  • Flag – a collection of national flag designs in their respective colours.
  • Pocket Prints – a twist on the classic MI-PAC backpacks.
  • Custom Prints – you decide!

Whilst the design of MI-PAC backpacks is clearly a winner, the thing which makes them really stand out from the competition are their colours. No other heritage inspired backpacks on the market right now feature such a large range of colours and patterns, and the colours to be found on MI-PAC backpacks aren’t just varied, they’re also incredibly vibrant.

In terms of design, MI-PAC corner the market on versatility. Their well thought out backpacks are simple, sturdy and feature two main compartments as well as a headphone port for tech lovers who need an indie soundtrack to compliment their indie style. MI-PAC backpacks are so versatile they can be worn anywhere; to school or the office, whilst shopping or even up the sides of mountains! Lightweight, durable and oh-so stylish, MI-PAC backpacks really have it all.

Complete Your Indie Style with MI-PAC Backpacks

MI-PAC backpacks are only available from selected stockists, but you’ll be pleased to find out that have a wide range of MI-PAC backpacks which feature some of the brand’s best loved patterns and colours. Affordable prices and great customer service mean that you’ll love shopping at Footasylum for your brand new indie-inspired MI-PAC backpack.