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    Although still a relatively new brand on the street style scene, Hype have made a name for themselves with their bold prints and edgy colour combinations. Their clothing and accessories have proven popular with young and fashion conscious individuals who aim to stay ahead of the game when it comes to street style. Here at Footasylum we stock the latest Hype clothing and accessories, including Hype bags.

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Hype Backpack in Black
Hype Galaxy Backpack
Hype Speckle Backpack in Black
Hype Tie Dye Backpack
Hype Backpack in Maroon
Hype Galaxy Backpack
Hype Backpack in Navy
Hype Represent Backpack
Hype Crystal Backpack

- Hype Bags -

If you are looking for a bag with street style and comfort to wear through Spring into Summer, you have to check out Hype’s latest collection of bags. Rucksacks feature ethereal prints of the Universe, stars and Galaxies - they really are out of this world.

Taking inspiration from this season’s latest fashion of fondant shades, some Hype bags combine deep colours with pale pastels which are bound to make you stand out in a crowd. Other futuristic prints include speckled, snake skin and the Geographic Backpack featuring an angular repeated pattern all over.