Hold Centre Stage with Criminal Damage Street Wear

Criminal damage at footasylumCriminal damage at footasylum

You could hold centre stage with Criminal Damage street wear that is at home on the music scene. Infused with a gig-like vibe; you can stand out from the crowd in looks that like to live large.

Standing out from the crowd is difficult in an age when everyone has their own take on the street wear that looks good. For many people, music is part of their life and street fashion goes hand in hand with their lifestyle. Utilising a collaboration of dark designs and bright bold prints Criminal Damage clothing soon found the spotlight. Creating vivid and unique looks that caught the attention of the music scene and band members; the brand has since become synonymous with gig-goers and the effortless cool of today’s streetwise youth.

Stand Out Style from Criminal Damage Clothing

Music and fashion are part of the same crowd. Creativity is cool and establishing your own identity through show-stopping brands is a great way to get noticed. Rock bands and alternative groups wear clothes that say something about their life and their style. Seemingly effortless in their casual attire, there are always statement clothing items worn on stage for a reason. More and more people are turning to vibrant brands like Criminal Damage. Bands like Yashin, Young O, The Midnight Beast, Thai Matic and We Are the Ocean have all been seen sporting Criminal Damage clothing in their music videos. For gigs, parties and everyday casual cool; Criminal Damage has the garage-band vibe and in-your-face appeal to cause a stir.

Criminal Damage and Statement Style

Criminal Damage clothing is continually pushing the boundaries when it comes to alternative street wear; letting them set the trends rather than follow them. With an electric mix of colours, styles, designs and embellishments; making an entrance is easy. Giving their hip designers greater creative freedom, their statement style is something that sets them apart from other clothing brands with unique fashion basics that are setting the trends.

Criminal Damage Clothing from Footasylum

If you are looking to establish your street cred, you can find a range of gig-goer getup at Footasylum. Our collection of Criminal Damage clothing has something to suit every rock chick or guitar hero. Browse our range of Criminal Damage clothing online today.