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The brand history of Havaianas

The Havaianas sandals were created in 1962 by Alpargatas, a renowned and traditional Brazilian company of footwear and apparel. The sandal has been defined by its manufacturer as “the simplest answer to the need to protect the feet”.
Forty five years later, Havaianas have turned into the most successful product made in Brazil worldwide. Five pairs per second are manufactured currently, 160 million pairs a year.
In almost five decades of history, more than 2.8 billion pairs of sandals were produced, placing one in front of the other - these sandals would circle the globe 50 times. In the 90’s, Alpargatas launched many new Havaianas styles. Subsequently, the sandal started to appeal the international market, from the fashion catwalks to the feet of celebrities.
Each new collection features new shapes, colours, prints and ornaments, inspired by the latest fashion trends. The brand keeps inventing and innovating but always true to the Havaianas’ essence.

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