G-Star Loves Luxury Denim

G-Star at footasylumG-Star at footasylum
The G-Star brand is built on denim, so its no wonder that luxury denim is the company’s first priority.

G-Star is an established brand with a huge following and a penchant for doing things a little differently. Independence is important to the label and whilst they might show their latest collection on the traditional catwalk, they’re also not averse to shock marketing and collaborations outside of the fashion world. Basically, G-Star will consider anything that matches their brand values and helps them to promote their love of luxury denim.

G-Star and Denim Explained

G- Star is predominantly a denim fashion label, although the company has expanded their collections to include other clothing and a range of accessories. The aim of G-Star is to highlight the beauty of great quality denim by using cut and finish to accentuate its natural properties. It’s the look and feel of denim that inspired the G-Star Raw range, which is now part of the general G-Star brand, but the company hasn’t lost its love for luxury denim, showing its latest collections in all the right fashion shows to great acclaim. Denim remains the cornerstone of all the company’s work, despite the fact that it has expanded into general clothing and accessories. With a presence in over 50 countries and over 80 specialised stores as well as in-store concessions and online sales, G- Star has a huge global presence and continues to win new fans to its denim ranges.

Luxury G-Star Denim for All

Like any good fashion brand, G-Star wants to extend its appeal to all ends of the market. Whilst not everyone can afford its high-end designer denim, there’s plenty of choice in its more accessible ranges, where you’re still not compromising on the quality of the material or the design. The whole point of the G-Star brand over the last 20 years has been to introduce people to really good denim as opposed to making do with cheaper versions and for not much more than you would normally pay for a pair of jeans, you can get G-Star denim that looks and feels great – and will transform your buying habits for life.

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