G-Star Clothing - All about the Product

G-Star at footasylum

G-Star at footasylum
In a day and age where clothing seems to have lost its spark, there are diamonds in the rough such as fashion label, G-Star clothing. This Netherlands based clothing line specialise in stylish denim attire for men.
G-Star clothing are certainly considered to be on the cutting edge of the denim clothing industry and their range of apparel is second to none. What makes G-Star clothing so refreshing is the emphasis that they place on getting the product right at all costs; whether this be in the form of their jeans, shirts or G-Star footwear range. With almost 20 years experience in the clothing industry, G-Star are now becoming a globally recognised label after expanding from their native Holland and it is little surprise to followers of the G-Star range that their clothing is now appearing in fashion capitals all over the world such as New York and Paris. The G-Star denim label is decidedly raw and celebrates urban design styles which have made it popular with celebrities the world over.

G-Star Clothing Takes World by Storm
G-Star clothing can be seen on catwalks the world over as their raw denim label takes the fashion world by storm. The secret of G-Star clothing’s success stems from the fact that they are not afraid to experiment with the clothing range and making radical alterations to the look and feel of G-Star jeans, shirts and footwear is part and parcel for the innovative and popular fashion label. The company, who are famous for their denim wear are constantly pushing the boundaries and producing clothing creations that keep fans of G-Star clothing coming back for more time and time again. The overriding aim of G-Star is to provide a clothing range that is accessible to all ages and is capable of catering to all fashion tastes; a goal which they are achieving admirably so far with their stellar clothing line up.

G-Star Clothing - Wash & Go
The unique look that the G-Star denim range is able to achieve arises from the innovative techniques that the clothing line uses to wash and treat their denim which gives it a distinctive look. G-Star clothing is essentially about utilising design principles that dove-tail with one another as they are known for creating jeans, shirts and footwear that is futuristic on the one hand but still manages to retain an authenticity.

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