G-Star – The Simplicity of Style

G-Star at footasylum G-Star at footasylum
If you like your designer clothing to be stylish and subtle, buy G-Star.

In designer fashion, it’s all about cut and quality. The logos you put on your clothing, the colours you use and the details you add are usually secondary to these two simple facts: the quality of the material must be excellent, and the cut must be perfect. Adhering to these facts is one of the things that makes G-Star such a popular label with celebrities and the person-on-the-street alike.

Stylish G-Star Comfort

For casual designer clothing, comfort and fit is important. These things result from the hard work of designers and producers behind the scenes, searching out top quality materials, making sure they get the right treatment, and cutting them into clothes that feel like a second skin. G-star fans know that when they buy the latest t-shirt or a new pair of jeans, they’re getting statement style with real worn-in comfort – straight off the rail. The fact that G-Star is a cutting edge design brand that uses unusual collaborations to market its products and likes to make a statement with its clothing doesn’t mask the fact that it relies on the simplicity of great design and production to give customers exactly what they want.

G-Star – 'Just The Product'

G-Star has always been dedicated to producing the best possible clothing, accessories and footwear at the best possible price, without compromise. The company’s focus on the product means that when you buy a pair of G-Star jeans, you know that 100% effort has been put into giving you real value for money. From sourcing the raw material down to fitting the last stud, your clothing has been the focus of dedicated attention to detail. That focus on the simple things is the reason that G-Star has such a loyal fan base and is constantly recruiting new devotees. Perfectly happy to set its own trends rather than follow the crowd, G-Star is always looking for new treatments, new cuts and new ways of wearing its clothing to ensure that customers get the cutting edge they need with the style they want.

G-Star at FootAsylum

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