G-Star – It's a Man Thing

G-Star at footasylumG-Star at footasylum
G-Star is one of the most macho clothes lines around, just ask the ultimate revolutionary.

Benicio del Toro is one of the coolest actors at work today. His role as Che Guevara has underlined his Hollywood credentials for being a leading man with depth and edge. Che is the most iconic revolutionary in history – his face has been used on t-shirts and on posters all over the world as an expression of individuality. Che represents a certain youthful rebellion and fighting spirit. And its this image that the clothes label G-Star has tapped into. G-Star Raw on the catwalk is a couture version of the G-Star t-shirts, jeans, trousers and trainers available from leading designer shops. The 2009 G-Star collection was showcased in New York. As well as the usual catwalk models sporting G-Star, the brand revealed that Benicio del Toro was their new 'Raw Icon'. Clad in G-Star gear, del Toro certainly looked like an icon to cool.

G-Star: Leaders of the Fashion Pack

G-Star seems to tap into an individuality and alternativeness that is subtlety expressed in it choice of Raw Icons. Before del Toro, G-Star opted for Dennis Hopper in 2008. The two stars were felt to fit with the brand's chemistry, revealing the designer brands leanings offering men an intelligent, individual style – it's not surprising that G-Star clothes, like their Raw Icons, have something of a cult status. G-Star has built its reputation on denim, but the brand has moved into new territory with t-shirts and jackets designed from the finest material using sophisticated design. G-Star's recent collections have a rugged, industrial and even military feel – G-Star supported the Steven Soderbergh film Che, with its revolutionary wardrobe. G-Star's alternative edge can be seen in the audience the fashion collections attract – as well as big names like del Toro, fans of the show in 2009 included Rufus Wainwright, Natasha Bedingfield and Micha Barton.

G-Star – Male Appeal

G-Star clothes ensure you're never just one of the crowd, the brand has built its image on uniqueness and individuality, and is now synonymous with urban sophistication and cool. Unlike other brands that designs clothes for both sexes, G-Star has a particular male appeal. The macho urban edge has seen the brand's creative team help design cars and boats as well as designer denim. The G-Star image has such a strong, tough, utilitarian street vibe.

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