G-Star - Fashion Label Plays its Part

G-Star at footasylum

G-Star at footasylum
According to the a report on Reuters, the fashionable denim label G-Star recently used their appearance at the New York Fashion Show to promote awareness in the U.N Millennium Development Goals. G-Star is becoming a leading light in fashion circles.
G-Star is famous for their denim line and they have used their success in the fashion industry for a good cause by promoting an increased awareness in the U.N Millennium Development Goals endeavour. G-Star is a cutting edge fashion label that heralds from the Netherlands and who have been turning many heads in fashion circles of late with their inimitable clothing range, most recently in the form of their G-Star Raw line. The Amsterdam based label are now able to boast flagship stores all around the world and G-Star have obviously keep themselves grounded despite their massive success in the highly competitive world of high street fashion. According to the report on Reuters, G-Star have been promoting an awareness around the U.N Millennium Development Goals initiative by utilising a veritable raft of celebrities to wear G-Star clothing at the New York Fashion Show and showcasing the importance of the U.N’s endeavours.
G-Star – Clothing With a Conscience
G-Star now boast some of the most striking and recognisable denim clothing on the market and this is something that infuses the whole clothing line ranging from their t-shirts to their various fashion accessories. The fact that G-Star have utilised their fashion profile to promote a worthy cause is hardly surprising given the dedication they have demonstrated in steering the G-Star fashion label to the top of the fashion world. According to the report on Reuters, G-Star used celebrities such as Heather Graham and Alan Cummings to wear in G-Star clothing at the New York Fashion Show to promote the U.N’s initiative. G-Star aimed to show the importance of the 8 benchmarks that U.N set out to be addressed by 2015 such as reducing poverty, fighting the spread of AIDS and improving levels of education. This is clearly a worthy endeavour and G-Star were pleased to play their role in increasing awareness.
G-Star Clothing – Fashion Icons
There are many ways in which G-Star have been solidifying the position as one of the fashion world’s leading denim providers and this is something that they don’t take lightly. G-Star is increasingly branching out into other facets of clothing to dovetail with their excellent denim range and the urban style which is employed by G-Star certainly appears to have struck a chord amongst fashion fans around the world.
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