G-Star – A Roaring Success in 2009

G-Star at footasylum

G-Star at footasylum The G-Star and G-Star Raw brands offer an urban and gritty look for fashion fans and their jeans and footwear in particular has garnered a significant following to say the least. G-Star know exactly what it is their followers want and they have certainly delivered in 2009.

G-Star was devised at the tail end of the 1980s in Amsterdam and ever since, they have been slowly but surely getting their name out amongst those in the know with regard to fashion. It has certainly paid dividends because the G-Star clothing and footwear brand is no globally recognised and they boast stores in all the leading fashion capitals such as New York and Paris. It is their denim wear which is the cornerstone of what it is G-Star have to offer but other elements such as their trainers and footwear are forcing their way into the public consciousnesses and are acquiring a popularity akin to that which their jeans have long since accomplished. For those looking for a clothing label with a cutting edge that is a little out of the ordinary, you certainly won't go far wrong with the G-Star Raw brand and the really have gone from strength to strength in 2009 in terms of their designs and popularity.

G-Star Footwear – Fit for the Street

So far as high street fashion is concerned, few brands typify what it is all about as ably as G-Star and their clothing and footwear is some of the most sought after and eagerly awaited of all the leading clothing and footwear brands. A few forms of G-Star trainers which have wowed footwear fans in 2009 include:

  • G-Star Campus Seal Trainers – Certainly one of G-Star's more eye catching forms of footwear, these high-top trainers are immensely stylish and look great with a number of different fashion looks. These G-Star trainers are crafted from canvas and boast the company logo in a prominent position across the side of the shoe.
  • G-Star Coast Astor Flip Flops – As summer is now in full swing, most footwear fans will be looking to add a pair of flip flops to their collection and there are few more striking and comfortable than the G-Star Coast Astor flip flops. All types of G-Star footwear are carefully designed and their summer beach wear is certainly crafted with the wearer in mind.
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