Get Urban Cool with Chunk T Shirts

Get Urban Cool with Chunk T Shirts

Urban cool is almost impossible to define. More than a style, it’s a way of life which incorporates elements of almost every cultural aspect, from art and music to furniture and clothing.

If you’re looking for clothes which truly sum up this style, however, there’s only one place to go. Chunk T shirts embody everything which is quintessentially British, incorporating retro icons with modern design to bring urban cool out of the London underground scene into the forefront of mainstream imagination.

Chunk T Shirts’ Homage to Retro Culture

Surely the most distinguishing feature of Chunk T shirts is their commitment to retro culture, brought to life in the form of undeniably cool graphic prints and logos. The label was started more than 10 years ago and originally featured Haynes Car Manual illustrations. These days, Chunk T-shirts bring the best of retro and vintage films, games, album covers and popular iconography to life with an extensive range of stylish graphic prints.

Chunk T Shirts aren’t the only thing to come out of London Label Chunk Clothing Co. – the brand also features sweatshirts, and polo shirts, the latter of which form the basis of their exclusive Bike Polo collection for fashion forward sports enthusiasts. The Bike Polo range from Chunk also features Chunk T shirts, hoodies, cycle jerseys, knitwear and jackets.

Chunk Clothing Live Urban Cool

Urban cool, as we’ve already established, is about more than just style. It’s also how you get involved with culture that incorporates all the best elements of urban living into a way of life that rings true.

To this end, Chunk Clothing were a major sponsor of the European Hard-Court Bike Polo Championships in 2009 and sponsor many teams and events around the world, including The Los Angeles Bike Polo club and Monkey Punch in Germany. It’s fair to say that Chunk Clothing weaves its urban cool philosophy into the fabric of all Chunk T shirts and urban apparel.

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