Get Threads with the Edge from Voi Jeans

Voi jeans at footasylum
Voi jeans at footasylum Voi Jeans could give you the edge on the fashion playing field with their cutting-edge designs, innovative wash techniques and production methods that guarantee dynamic denim and a clothing line that is vibrantly different.

From their humble Preston home, Voi Jeans have continuously sought to revolutionise the way jeans are produced since they were established in 1988. Taking inspiration from their original position as denim launderers to major brands like Levi, they soon found that their vision of what makes great denim could be used to create a brand of their own. With a well-established passion for fashion and innovative design techniques, they never lost sight of their attention to detail and dedication to quality materials.

Consistently Pushing the Boundaries of Denim Design

With Voi Jeans, you don’t just get to stay ahead of the trend; you can help make them with funky cuts, vibrant designs and a line of clothing that has a unique appeal. Their distinctive style has made their brand popular with trend-setting individuals and celebrity style icons alike. From statement t-shirts to brightly coloured contrasting stitch; Voi Jeans ooze the style of more expensive designer denim. The Voi Jeans logo is large, bold and instantly recognisable; representing their unique take on street wear fashions. With daring denim cuts, multiple pockets and embroidered branding; Voi Jeans offer high impact designs that let you stand out from the crowd.

Die Hard Denim from Voi Jeans

Men of today require more stylish and unique designs when it comes to their wardrobe. However, cutting-edge menswear needn’t come at the cost of functionality or durable design. The active and fashion-conscious man needs the best of both worlds in order to keep up with their daily routine. Held together by a single high quality thread, Voi Jeans are the epitome of quality denim design. Boasting superior durability, design and style; Voi Jeans clothing consistently deliver quality apparel that are popular across the board. Insisting they control every aspect of design and production in-house; they are keen to ensure high standards of quality, design and individuality; to give you the edge on the street.

Pick up a Pair of Voi Jeans from Footasylum

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