Get Stand-Out Streetwear with Adidas Originals

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum Adidas Originals could give you that stand-out style you are looking for with vibrant colours and bold designs that are a fusion of the latest fashions and Adidas’ own originality; for statement street wear that always makes an impact.

Adidas have been creating fashionable athletic wear since 1920. Their dedication to innovative design has led to a number of trend-setting clothing lines that stand out from other collections on the high street. Whether they are launching new fashion-led collections or collaborating with some of the world’s top designers; Adidas Originals’ statement streetwear looks set to make an impact this season.

Adidas Clothing: The Colour of Originality

The Adidas Originals Blue collection is set to take the fashion world by storm this spring and summer. Based on the colour blue that Adidas Originals always uses on the colour chart, their new collection is a blend of classic originals style with a contemporary twist. Culminating in an edgy, streetwear collection; it is no wonder that Adidas Originals have been spotted in some of the trendiest places. No longer just for sports enthusiasts, Adidas Originals have firmly established their presence on the street with impactful designs and vibrant colours. Rock stars and trendsetters have all been seen sporting the Adidas Originals collection that has inspired a generation to express their own originality with cutting-edge style.

Adidas Originals: Clothes for the Urban Catwalk

Always aiming for expressive design; Adidas Originals is a streetwear collection that lets people show their true colours. With eye-popping contrast colours and bold prints; the creative freedom of their design team is evident. There are a number of key pieces dominating this year’s urban catwalk.

Statement T-Shirts – Spring and Summer 2011 are all about the statement t-shirt. Retro-inspired Tetris designs and vivid street art prints are bang-on-trend for this year’s dedication to statements of self-expression.

Shocking Shoes - Vibrant shoes are this season’s must-have item. Adidas Originals’ electric colours and contrast tones have a retro vibe that is truly strut-worthy.

Adidas Originals from Footasylum

If you are looking for statement trends this season, you can find a range of Adidas Originals clothing to suit you at Footasylum. We stock a vivid collection of Adidas streetwear to keep you bang-on-trend all year round. To find out more about the Adidas clothing we stock, browse our collection online today.