Get Ready Set and Paddle up with Franklin & Marshall

Franklin & marshall at footasylum
Franklin and marshall at footasylum

Franklin & Marshall is well known amongst those, well, in the know, as one of the coolest sports and street wear labels around. They have an eye for turning a vintage look into something beautifully modern, sharp and on trend, something your parents might recognise but still ‘out there’ enough to be youthful and cutting edge.

And their traditional, yet modern approach means they’re always on the lookout for something to bring up to date or even something that many of us have so far ignored or missed that Franklin & Marshall can update and bring to the attention of the masses. It’s like that with the latest event the Franklin & Marshall team are helping out with. They took the hint from one of the greats of water sports and surf boarding, Robbie Nash, who hinted at what he considers to be the next big thing in water sports, stand up paddling.

Franklin and Marshall-Stand Up Paddling

No, it’s not when a bad stand up comedian is struggling to remember his act, it’s a traditional form of surf boarding that literally does what it says on the tin, you stand up on the surf board and, well, paddle! Nash and Franklin & Marshall describe it as a great fun way of always being in the water, even when there’s no wind or surf. So keen were team Franklin & Marshall on this sport that they recently organised their own event in Hawaii featuring lots of fun events as well as the main feature, the very first stand-up paddle race, which slalomed its way around the Hawaii coast, organised with the Torbole surf club. Franklin and Marshall are convinced this will be the next big thing in water sports so remember where you heard it first!

Franklin & Marshall at Foot Asylum

Whatever sport you’re interested in or even if you’re just looking for a cool vintage look, you can look great in Franklin & Marshall’s fantastic range of clothing. At Footasylum, we stock the label alongside other leading brands such as Converse, Nike and Fred Perry.