G Star Raw Transitions to Become G Star

G-Star at footasylum

G-Star at footasylum
For nearly a decade, G Star Raw has astounded the world of fashion with its edgy, simplistic yet powerful jeans crafted and sold in raw denim. Much like the original Levis, from the American Wild West, G Star Raw jeans needed to be worn over and over again until they began to perfectly conform to their owner's physique.
Only at that point was it deemed socially and fashionably acceptable to give G-Star jeans their first washing. Purists loyal to raw denim and the G Star brand have been known to wash the jeans while wearing and allow them to air dry still on their person. This technique, of course, is not new as young girls used it in the 1970's to create a personalized pair of perfectly fitting skintight jeans.
Specialty Washes Let G Star Drop the Raw From its Name
In an effort to broaden its customer base, G Star Raw has expanded its product line to include pre-washed and distressed jeans as well as jackets and other types of apparel. Loyal fans of G Star denim can still count on G Star jeans to be cut in the same rugged edgy patterns as their raw counterparts. Newly styled G Star jeans have all the familiar G Star design specialties, including the popular large square rear pockets and cinching belt at the small of the back.
Specialty Washes Make G Star Ready to Wear Anywhere
With newly designed G Star jeans being given specialty washes, they can now be placed into fashionable use right off the rack. Girls who previously had shunned the G Star line as a bit too masculine now enjoy G Star jeans in softer colors and textures using men’s sizes as a high waisted ladies jean.
FootAsylum is Your G Star UK Headquarters
G Star jeans as well as trainers, tee shirts and hoodies are all available at FootAsylum. With easy online shopping and twelve high street locations to serve you, shopping at FootAsylum guarantees you can always find the coolest G Star fashions. Along with the G Star brand, FootAsylum stocks almost every exciting and dynamic designer label for men’s and ladies clothes that are popular in the UK.