G Star Raw Pulls the Divas

G-star at footasylum
G-star  at footasylum
Fashion shows and big labels like G Star Raw often pull in the paparazzi and the celebs.

The G-Star Spring 2010 show attracted its fair share of pouting celebrities and pushy paparazzi. In fact, photographs and gossip abounded after the G Star Raw show when Lindsay Lohan hogged the majority of the press pack’s attention. Lohan apparently turned up at the G Star Raw show and immediately put the tabloids’ backs up when she refused to pose for photos and had to be dragged into the press line.

G Star Raw Attracts Divas

Lindsay Lohan often causes drama wherever she goes, perhaps because of the well-documented tumultuous career and personal life of the actress. Appearing at the G Star Raw show was bound to cause a media stir. But it isn’t surprising she attends fashion shows such as G Star Raw with her background as a fashion model. As well as a string of movies, she’s become known for her role on Ugly Betty about the shallower than shallow world of life on a fashion magazine. But it’s her personal life that makes her the subject of such frenzied tabloid attention. With spells in rehab, and a high profile lesbian relationship, Lohan seems to court controversy. She may have great taste in fashion, wowing fans at the G Star Raw Spring show, but her acting has earned her two Golden Raspberry Awards for worst actress.

G Star Raw: Lohan Hits a Raw Nerve

Although a wild image seems to work well in the world of fashion to some extent, with hard living models like Kate Moss leading the pack, Lohan found it increasingly difficult to find work as an actress due to her frequent spells in rehab and unreliability. But despite her ups and downs, she clearly has a great sense of style. Her appearance at fashion shows like G Star Raw is testament to that and she has been voted tenth on the FHM 100 Sexiest Women list. Lohan herself has launched her own clothes and beauty products, including a leggings line and self-tanning spray.

G Star at New York Fashion Week

The press unkindly referred to Lohan at the G Star Raw show as having a ‘trout pout’. The actress and her ‘bulging lips’ was said to be making the most of the various catwalk shows during New York Fashion week. Other stars who attended the G Star Raw show included Juliette Lewis, Taylor Momsen, Tyson Beckford and Alan Cumming.

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