G Star Look for Raw Reporter

G-Star at footasylumG-Star at footasylum
G Star Raw are a clothing brand that has woken up to the power of social media and the internet – they’ve put out a call for budding new fashion reporters.

The way the world is reported has changed dramatically in recent years as the shift continues from traditional print media to online media. As more of us turn to the internet for news, it’s not surprising that blogs have become a serious voice online as amateur writers take on established journalists. And the rise of Twitter and Facebook means that even the way the news is reported is changing with people tweeting live from events as they happen. It’s not surprising that the big fashion houses, including names like G Star Raw, are eager to stay on top of the fast moving online world.

G Star Raw Embrace Social Media

The news that the Dutch clothing company G-Star is looking for fashion reporters offers a great opportunity for those looking to break into the fashion world. But it’s also a great marketing ploy for G Star. Getting a presence online is crucial for all brands and businesses, and by inviting applicants to apply via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube is a great way to ensure G Star keeps their finger firmly on the internet pulse. Recruiting the next G Star Raw reporter via social media sites is risky but could provide a creative spark that takes off.

The Rise of the e-con

The e-con is the internet icon – a new breed of fashion gurus who have created an online presence and proved to be influential voices in the world of fashion. G Star Raw is probably keenly aware of the influence of such online voices. The e-con stars were profiled in a recent feature for the Guardian’s fashion pages. Blogs such as the Cherry Blossom Girl by Alix Bancourt now have a loyal, global following. Then there are teenagers like 13 year old Tavi, who now receives free clothes from acclaimed fashion labels thanks to her online influence as ‘Style Rookie’. The internet has given a platform to a huge range of fashion enthusiasts who wouldn’t have necessarily of found a voice in traditional print. Fashion bloggers are a growing movement that have gained huge influence in the industry; Susie Lau of Style Bubble for example, attracts 15,000 unique readers to her site every day. It’s not surprising that big brands like G Star Raw want to be at the forefront of the online revolution.

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