G Star is Ready for Spring 2009

G-Star at footasylum

G-Star at footasylum
G Star, formerly G Star Raw, has taken another giant step forward in their move from military industrial strength unwashed raw denim that must be worn for weeks before truly finding its fit into ready to wear fashion.
For Spring 2009, G-Star has not completely abandoned its tough guy men’s wear image, as they present now pre-washed denim jeans in a limited form. But added to G Star’s rugged appearance are soft tops, cropped vests and white, cuffed jeans reminiscent of Annie Hall. G Star takes retro further into the past for Spring 2009 with almost micro-mini dresses and matching updated versions of the fashion phenomena 60’s go-go boot. It seems the entire G Star 2009 line for women repeats the past as what would be best described, as baggy hot pants are included.
G Star’s Men of Spring
G Star men’s wear for spring of 2009 offers as its theme “Intrigue” with just above the knee trench coats making their entry as outerwear. Beneath that Sam Spade attire, you will find G Star’s version of men’s skinny jeans in Midnight Black pre-washed denim. Perhaps too much warmth for spring is also worn beneath the G Star trench, the familiar G Star hoodie.
A G Star Reality Check
Runway fashion, as exhibited by G Star in the September New York fashion show is usually far too avant garde for the average UK wearer. It is not too likely that the average fellow in Bristol or the Midlands will be sporting skinny jeans for men. More likely, they will still be seen wearing G Star straight leg trousers in black twill denim or G Star Harver loose fit raw wash jeans. Further G Star favorites for UK’s young men are Elwood Heritage Embro Cord trousers in black and Elwood Heritage loose Walker denim jeans.
That traditional G Star edge is perfectly matched with G Star Patton Officer Cap boots. These G Star boots, along with G Star raw denim jeans continue to offer the look that active young men choose for daily casual wear. G Star trainers and plimsoles seem to find middle ground as neither too harsh and industrial or too soft and feminine in appearance. Actually, the G Star Stamp Scroll trainers in brown exemplify a nice clean-cut young man’s designer shoe.
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