G Star for Grounded Fashion Lovers

G-Star at footasylumG-Star at footasylum

The world of fashion can have something of a negative stereotype, full of skinny airheads – G Star Raw is a brand for the streets.

The haute couture element of the fashion world has a poor reputation in the eyes of the average punter. Stereotyped famously in the comedy series Absolutely Fabulous, fashion queens have a terrible image of being obscenely shallow – and ultimately, horrendously dressed in obscure, flamboyant or downright ugly designs. If you want to embrace fashion, without embracing the flim-flam of fashion, G-Star is the brand for you.

G Star – Distinctive Style

The rise of the fashion flick from the dramatisation of Coco Chanel’s life to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno shows that the world of fashion is full of flamboyant drama. If you’re looking for a label without the fuss, and just want stylish unique designs that are at once individual but right for day-to-day wear, G Star is the label of choice. Known for being distinctive, innovative and unorthodox, it has a raw edge that sets it apart from other designer labels.

Streetwear from G Star

G-Star is known for its military edge delivering clean, unique lines for fashion you can feel stylish in. If you’re dismissive of the whole fashion industry because of its ridiculous self absorption or you don’t feel comfortable with its flamboyance, G Star is a street brand you can feel comfortable with. Anyone who has seen TV shows such as Ugly Betty to behind the scenes of Vogue movie The September Issue, will know that the fashion world can be decadent, absurd and downright bonkers. If fashion industry people leave you twitchy, opt for a no-nonsense fashion label like G Star and keep your feet firmly on the street.

Get in Vogue

It can be daunting trying to define your own style and finding a brand that fits. G Star is in demand thanks to its straightforward but innovative designs that are affordable but unique. The fashion industry is said to be full of judgemental, scathing people who can bully and exclude those who aren’t anorexic looking rakes. It’s not surprising that relatively few people end up wearing haute couture. Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue, is said to inspire utter terror in everyone just by her damning tone of voice. If you want a fashion label without the horrific decadence, check out the latest collection from G Star.

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