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Fred perry at footasylum

Fred perry at footasylum

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Three Essential Pieces of Footwear from Fred Perry

If you want to update your footwear collection in 2012, here are three essential footwear styles courtesy of Fred Perry.

Fred Perry Sub Sonic – A World of Genre Free Music

There is no genre with Fred Perry Sub Sonic; it’s a movement dedicated to the latest bands, DJs and artists, no matter what their creative genus may be.

Fred Perry Clothing – The Best of British Street Wear

Fred Perry clothing could bring out the patriot within when you sport the best of British street wear that has a rich cultural heritage of athletic achievement, rebellious youth and edgy bands.

A Brief History of All Things Fred Perry

Fred Perry must be one of the defining brands in British fashion history. That famous logo is emblazoned on much more than the classic polo shirt these days and we all love their fab footwear range, but how did it all begin for Fred Perry?

Fred Perry Tells Its Story

Fred Perry is highlighting its history by sharing stories

Fred Perry Footwear

Fred Perry footwear carries the label’s instantly-recognisable logo.

The Great Fred Perry Lament

Fred Perry clothing may be a massive British success as one of the most sought after designer brands but when it comes to tennis, the Brits are a flop.

Fred Perry – Street Labels Need Music

Street wear is tightly bound with the latest music sub-cultures, as Fred Perry knows only too well.

Fred Perry - Designer Office Space

The Fred Perry HQ in London’s Covent Garden is sporting a modern twist on the brands famous laurel wreath.

The Fred Perry Subculture

Fred Perry has a long association with the subculture of music and has long been the brand of choice for artists and musicians.

Fred Perry – The Table Tennis Champion

Fred Perry may have made his name as a tennis star but it was table tennis the sporting legend first became a success in.

Fred Perry - Heritage Bites Back

Fred Perry has always been big, but the return of ‘poshness’ means heritage brands are making a big comeback.

Fred Perry Celebrates 100 with Vespa

As part of its centenary celebrations, Fred Perry has produced a customised Vespa scooter.

Fred Perry – Competitive Fashion

When it comes to fashion, sport may be an unlikely partner, but Fred Perry was on the scene way before David Beckham.

Fred Perry – Sheer Class

The latest Fred Perry collection makes use of sheer fabric and classic design.

The Fred Perry Complex

When it comes to sport, it seems we're all desperately nostalgic for those halcyon days when Fred Perry was the world's number one player.

Fred Perry Leaves Pete Doherty Pocketless

Fred Perry is a brand loved by the likes of Blur and Pete Doherty, ensuring its brand credentials stay seriously cool.

Fred Perry Attracts New Fans

Fred Perry Sportswear hopes that new fans will come from Murray success.

Fred Perry – Back to Basics

Fred Perry is looking for a return to its original sportswear business.

Andy Murray – The New Fred Perry?

After his historic victory at Queens, it’s not just the Fred Perry t-shirts that Andy Murray wears which link him to the great man.

Fred Perry – The Man Behind The Brand

To modern day kids, Fred Perry means polo shirts and super-cool minimalist plims. But for older generations, Fred Perry was a true sporting hero.

Fred Perry and Andy Murray – A Double Celebration?

British tennis star Andy Murray began his association with designer clothes brand Fred Perry when he first emerged as Britain's most promising talent.

Fred Perry – the 100th Anniversary

As 2009 marks the 100th year since Fred Perry's birth, a new book, The Last Champion: Life of Fred Perry is released to mark the occasion.

Exploring the 90s Influences on Fred Perry Clothing

So far as decades go, the 90s has had one of the biggest influences on the clothes we wear today and this is something which certainly rings true with Fred Perry clothing. The Fred Perry range obviously found its feet in the 60s but the 90s has had its part to play.

Fred Perry team up with Raf Simons for Spring Summer Collection

Fred Perry are a legendary fashion label so it makes sense that they have turned to a leading menswear designer with roots in youth fashion, Raf Simons, for their spring summer collection in 2009. Fred Perry are one of the UKs most popular fashion labels.

Fred Perry - Just Not Tennis!

The Fred Perry label shows that when it comes to the world of fashion, sport and music get match point.

Fred Perry – Mod for It

So far as timeless fashion looks go in the UK, few can boast the longevity of the Mod look and it is fair to say that Fred Perry t-shirts and clothing are one of the linchpins of the Mod look. Fred Perry is set for a big year in 2009 with a fresh new approach to their line-up.

Fred Perry – Amy Winehouse Rumoured to be Designing Fred Perry Clothing

The Fred Perry clothing line is well known for being visionaries within the field of consumer fashion and they are always looking for means by which to shake up their range. Fred Perry are rumoured to be in talks with Amy Winehouse about designing Fred Perry clothing.