Franklin Marshall – Stay Campus Cool This Spring

Franklin & marshall at footasylum
Franklin & marshall at footasylum Franklin Marshall clothing could help you keep your campus cool this coming spring with a range of vibrant vintage apparel that recreates the laidback look of college heritage sportswear.

Inspired by an old college in the USA, Franklin Marshall clothing is synonymous with the laidback youth of a by-gone era. It has become increasingly popular with the energetic youth of today and has become an ultimately successful vintage sports brand. Founded in 1999 with the help of two young entrepreneurs, Giuseppe Albarelli and Andrea Pensiero, a single sweater inspired them to create a youthful clothing line steeped in collegiate history. More and more people are looking for clothing brands that have a hearty heritage that gives their apparel more authority in the world of fashion.

Take a Lesson in Laidback Athletic Fashion

Laidback vintage apparel from Franklin & Marshall is becoming increasingly popular with the youth of today who want to appear fashionable without looking like they have tried. Showing their passion for fashion and athletics, they can continue to be part of that on-campus lifestyle with comfortable fitness clothing that doesn’t compromise on style. Harking back to that retro collegiate charm, Franklin Marshall clothing looks great whether you are working out or just hanging out. More and more people are realising the laidback cool that comes with casual lounge wear from Franklin Marshall.

Heritage Apparel from Franklin and Marshall

Instantly recognisable, heritage apparel stands out from most mainstream fashion brands. Designed to be almost timeless, Franklin Marshall vintage clothing has come to encompass all that we know and love about the campus college lifestyle in the 50’s and 60’s. This spring is set to see a further rise in the popularity of collegiate gear and heritage sports apparel. From brightly coloured t-shirts to classic baseball jackets and faded lounge wear; the mix and match apparel from Franklin Marshall can let the laziest of students stay stylish.

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