Franklin and Marshall – Preppy is Back

Franklin & marshall at footasylum
Franklin & marshall at footasylum

Can the Franklin and Marshall college look cash in on the new trend for preppy styles?

Franklin and Marshall already has its own army of fans, but no brand is averse to new customers, and the latest trend for “preppy” clothing could help the brand to win some additional business. Whilst true preppy fashion is usually linked to other, more established labels, there’s no reason why some of Franklin and Marshall’s gear wouldn’t appeal to followers of this particular fashion.

The Franklin and Marshall Look

Preppy style is smart casual rather than street wear, and is based around the styles worn by the middle-to-upper classes on the East Coast of the USA. The word “preppy” comes from the outfits worn by those at preparatory schools for the country’s famous Ivy League colleges. Chinos, boat shoes or loafers, button-down shirts and knitwear all play a part in this trend, which means there are definitely some areas where Franklin and Marshall’s USA college look can play a part. Whilst much of their collection is more casual than the general preppy style, there are some pieces that fit perfectly with this trend:

  • Knitwear – wearing a lightweight jumper or vest over a shirt is classic preppy look. Franklin and Marshall does a great line in sporty hoodies, but it also delivers on the casual knitwear front, with traditional v-neck and round neck sweaters in subtle colours and styling.
  • Polo shirts – essential for summer wear, a good quality polo shirt is a key part of the preppy wardrobe. Established labels for this type of clothing include Ralph Lauren, but newcomers to the preppy look will love the cutting edge polo shirts in the F&M collection .
  • Accessories – a great belt can make an outfit, and Franklin and Marshall offers accessories for both men and women that look great with preppy clothing.

You don’t have to wear the full-blown prep style to love Franklin and Marshall, because their more casual college wear looks great on everyone. If you follow fashion, however, and you’re looking for a way to update the look from old labels to new, there’s a lot you can do from the F&M collection.

Franklin and Marshall at FootAsylum

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