Franklin & Marshall Gets Down & Dirty

Franklin & marshall at footasylum
Franklin & marshall at footasylum

With their sponsorship of an Italian rugby team, Franklin & Marshall shows that it’s a brand not afraid to get its hands dirty.

CUS Verona has been the city’s rugby team for nearly 50 years and last season, was promoted to Serie A, where it faces fierce competition from established Italian clubs. Designer label Franklin & Marshall is a keen sponsor of the club, which has had some good results since the start of the season and is hoping to stay out of the relegation zone when Spring arrives.

Franklin & Marshall and Rugby

For many years, rugby players certainly weren’t noted for their fashion sense or, indeed, for anything except their passion for rugby – and beer. In today’s professional environment, however, even semi-professional teams like those in the Italian Serie A league, are conscious of their image, and for CUS Verona, having a recognised brand like Franklin & Marshall as a sponsor is a great boost. For the label, it’s a chance to reach a new audience whilst also giving support to sports clubs that need it most – Franklin & Marshall has also collaborated in other sporting areas and funded a football ground and other facilities in Verona for local communities. Rugby is a family sport and its popularity is growing in Italy, where the country’s national team competes in the Six Nations tournament and at the World Cup. It’s an ideal match for the trendy Franklin & Marshall label.

Franklin & Marshall – Dedication

So what unites the values of Franklin & Marshall with the values of rugby? It’s all about dedication, teamwork, focus and quality; working together rather than going your own way and tackling things head on. It’s about confidence in yourself and your team mates and in always giving 100% on and off the field. Integrity is a key part of the game, so you can see why a focused, dynamic brand like Franklin & Marshall is aligning itself with its local club. And, of course, a wide-ranging audience, usually of affluent backgrounds, is the ideal commercial proposition for a designer street wear label.

Franklin & Marshall at FootAsylum

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