Franklin & Marshall – The 70s Sweatshirt

Franklin & marshall at footasylum
Franklin & marshall at footasylum

Franklin & Marshall may be based in the Verona hills, but it’s inspiration is very much rooted in American college sweatshirts.

The Franklin & Marshall philosophy is rooted in its vintage vibes. Vintage is a word that is rooted in the French referring to the vintage of wines. And the Franklin & Marshall brand work hard to inject authentic vintage style into their clothes, ensuring they get better, like wine, with age.

Perhaps this approach to the Franklin & Marshall brand is rooted in the company’s European grounding. Unlike America, where trends come and go, Europe tends to hold onto a classic style that endures regardless of passing trends. But what’s interesting about the clothing label is it has chosen vintage American as its inspiration. The story of how Franklin and Marshall was founded illustrates why.

Franklin & Marshall and the Vintage Sweatshirt

In 1999, two entrepreneurs, Giuseppe Albarelli and Andrea Pensiero, founded the Franklin & Marhsall brand. Today, it is a brand known for its vintage influences, and vintage is more than just age – for Franklin & Marshall vintage ‘refers to the continued search for clothing and personalisation in order to express one’s identity’. The inspiration for the brand came from an old 1970s Franklin & Marshall sweatshirt from the Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The pair found it in a second-hand market in London and realised it represented the idea that a vintage sweatshirt could become a ‘memory of a moment in one’s life’. And as such, the sweatshirt actually improves with age.

Italian Style and American Energy

The two entrepreneurs built the brand on this philosophy, going on to research legendary vintage clothes quarters such as the recycled clothes stalls in Pasadena and the second-hand shops in Tokyo. By tapping into the youth vibe across the world, they managed to convey an innovative and imaginative spirit in their designs. What’s more, as fans of North American culture, the idea of American college style had a particular charm for the duo, and so they brought American college style to Italy mixing the youth and energy of the US with the renowned quality and style of their own country.
Franklin & Marshall is now one of the most immediately recognisable clothing lines thanks to the simplicity of that 1970s college sweatshirt.

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