Franklin & Marshall - College Fashion Takes Off

Franklin & marshall at footasylum
Franklin & marshall at footasylum

Thanks to hit American TV show Glee and the publishing phenomenon that’s the Twilight series of books, American high school and college fashion is officially in.

American school dramas come and go, but there’s always one show that everyone’s watching. Over the years, from the old days of Dawson’s Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the shiny hits of today such as Glee, America seems to know how to put schooling, drama and fashion together. It’s perhaps one of the instinctive reasons why the Italian designers behind the Franklin Marshall brand chose an American college as the source of their inspiration.

Franklin & Marshall: Down with the Kids

Franklin & Marshall may be a well-known American college, but the clothes brand is very much Italian with its factories in the hills of Verona. The story behind the brand was the designers spotted an old Franklin & Marshall college sweater in a flea stall in Portobello market – an iconic piece of clothing that became their signature garment. The American college, vintage vibe is at the heart of the Franklin & Marshall brand. And thanks to high school hits like Glee and Twilight, what the kids wear in class is just as crucial as the plot. In America, it’s all about the look. It’s a far cry from the school inspired dramas from Britain – such as Grange Hill or Waterloo Road – where the kids look spotty and are stuck in polyester uniforms. In America, what you wear in school and college is central. Anyone who has tuned into the old or the new Beverley Hills 90210 will see one thing dominates: fashion and good looks.

Glee Fashion: An Education

From horror flicks to high school dramas like Twilight, American fashion is continually reinvented across Europe. The vintage college look is one that is revisited by many of the leading youth brands but Franklin & Marshall is the one brand that consistently offers that distinctive American heritage with Italian style. And Glee isn’t just hot with the kids; newspapers like The Guardian have become fans of the all-dancing drama creating a kidult-hood style audience all in their late twenties and thirties. The show featured in its fashion ‘going up’ page and pages of lifestyle features have since been dedicated to Glee, describing it as "like a great big scoop of television-flavoured ice cream (with sprinkles)."

Franklin & Marshall at FootAsylum

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