Franklin & Marshall – Be a Sport

Franklin & marshall at footasylum
Franklin & marshall at footasylum

Franklin & Marshall is the brand inspired by American College style, it’s not surprising that they’re a sporting success.

Franklin & Marshall is the hip clothing brand that was the brainchild of Italians Andrea Pensiero and Giuseppe Albarelli. And yet its style encapsulates the American college vibe with its college sweatshirt being the trademark, iconic piece. Bringing American college style to Italy worked. From the success of the comfy sweatshirt, the clothing brand went on to conquer the world. And sports were a natural fit with the clothing line. Although the Franklin & Marshall line is casual and relaxed, it is still the product of the Italians who designed for Fiorucci, Classic Nouveau and Wrangler before setting up their own label. Franklin & Marshall is distinctive casual wear with an Italian edge.

Franklin & Marshall – A Sporting Success

The fashion line embraced the world of sports that fitted in with the brand name. Franklin & Marshall took its name from one of the oldest established colleges in America, founded in Pennsylvania in 1787. American schools and colleges often rate sport as being as central as academia to student life. Getting on the baseball team or playing soccer is seen as a sign of popularity and success in the typical American teen movie. And as part of the plan to become a cult name in fashion, Franklin & Marshall present and sponsor a wide range of sports, from snowboarding events to rugby.

Inspiring Casual Wear

Sport provides a focus for urban areas and young people offering a positive way to communicate and live. The brand have spoken about how much they respect the ‘playgrounds of big cities’ in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, which offer the city’s residents a ‘school of life and tolerance’ as well as being the ‘gymnasiums where future champions are born and trained’. It’s with this in mind that Franklin & Marshall honour its American influences and inspirations by focusing on sport in its home town Verona. Franklin & Marshall is a brand that has helped Verona embrace the country’s national sport – soccer – with a soccer field in Via Ippolito Nievo, located behind the ancient 14th century city wall which faces Valdonega. And thanks to Franklin & Marshall, the amateur sporting club Polisportiva Nievo, which was founded in the early eighties at the initiative of local Santo Stefano residents, has a new field of artificial turf. The club offers not just soccer but also basketball, volleyball and martial arts.

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