Our ever-popular collection of Flossy footwear features all of the latest designs, colours and styles for all the family!

Having first originated in the Rioja region of Spain, Flossy is an Ibiza born brand that has continued to go from strength-to-strength.

Still lovingly handmade to this day, Flossy shoes were originally worn by street artists and bohemians, before evolving into an International brand that is now worn by thousands, in all corners of the world.

Designed to optimise comfort, this Mediterranean inspired footwear is ideal for summer walks, play and exploring the city. And of course, with their Spanish legacy to live up to, they are also the perfect holiday footwear, especially when it comes to keeping your feet cool, comfortable and stylish in the sun.

Our Flossy range encompasses a broad range of designs for you and the family to enjoy! So what are you waiting for? Check it out today!

If you're looking for a shoe to offset Flossy's fresh and funky designs, why not check out our women’s all white trainers ?


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  • Flossy Mens Plimsole

    Flossy Mens Plimsole £9.99 RRP £21.99

  • Flossy Mens Plimsole

    Flossy Mens Plimsole £14.99 RRP £21.99

  • Flossy Womens Plimsole

    Flossy Womens Plimsole £9.99 RRP £21.99

  • Flossy Mens Plimsole

    Flossy Mens Plimsole £9.99 RRP £21.99

  • Flossy Guadix Mono Plimsole

    Flossy Guadix Mono Plimsole £9.99 RRP £21.99

  • Flossy Nursery Bailen Shoe

    Flossy Nursery Bailen Shoe £4.99 RRP £16.99