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The brand history of Fila

Given our inclination towards the bold and provocative, we made a dramatic debut as an elite sportswear brand with two things: the F-box logo and Björn Borg.
The F-box became a design icon, and while Borg was on his way to becoming one of the greatest players in the sport’s history, we introduced cotton ribbed, fashionable designs in vibrant colors to conservative tennis whites. The game never looked the same again.

We started out in 1911 with the Fila brothers, who produced finely textured fabrics in the northern Italian town of Biella. We soon moved on to making undergarments and ultimately launched sportswear in 1973. We established ourselves early on in the game as a stylish, respectfully irreverent and quality sportswear maker. We have become a strong global brand driven by design and capable of influencing style on and off the playing field.

But we’re not just tennis. Worn by Ingemar Stenmark in his pursuit of 86 World Cup titles, we swept through alpine skiing. We graced the greens of five British Open and two Masters titles with Tom Watson. Through the 1980s and 90s, names like Reinhold Messner, Alberto Tomba, Monica Seles, Antonio Rossi and Kim Clijsters stood out not only for their achievements, but also for the Fila designs they wore. We have since then branched out into fitness and wellness. And it’s not just sport, either. Being charismatic, glamorous and innovative, we were the first to summon the loyalties of both international athletes and the fashion faithful. We tailored our clothing and footwear to elite and style-conscious sportspeople and then made the same fashionable offering for their spectators. We became the brand that not only catered to the individual performer, but also audacious and cosmopolitan individuals.

For over three decades, we have been synonymous with style. Maybe it’s our Italian upbringing, maybe it’s our legacy of being a little unconventional, but we have evolved into a multi-dimensional brand because of our unflinching commitment to designing sportswear discerning and passionate individuals around the world. FILA is a true fashion icon—a “Style Shaper.