Festival Essentials Have Landed at Footasylum

Date Posted: 03/07/2013

Regulars here at Footasylum will have no doubt read or great article about kitting yourself out for festival season. Well in true style we have only gone and put together a dedicated section with all any of you crazy cats need for your escapades. With (touch wood) many of the UK festivals looking like they are going to be dry affairs, we have loaded these with all sorts from vests and tees to jelly shoes and leopard print wellies – you never know! After all, we all like to look good whether we are out and about in town or in a field watching our heroes!

And, because we’re not sexist here at Footasylum we have put together an eclectic mix of what we think will be festival winner for the lads and the ladettes. For example, we know the boys will just love mooching around their festival of choice in a Sik Silk Classic Pinstripe Shirt - these are all the rage at the moment and will be comfy as well as totally current. Whereas the girls are spoilt for choice especially in the footwear department – we have JuJu Jellies, Converse and Nike galore which will all stand all kinds of terrain and ensure you can all jump around until your heart’s content!

This all makes it a summer to remember at Footasylum. We will be keeping our festival essentials section updated all through festival season and you just cannot miss the action at the Footasylum Sale! You could literally kit yourself out with no more than a hundred quid here with items from all of your favourite brands! This, along with the resounding popularity of the Footasylum Social Hub is making us the go-to site for any fashion items, sneakers and trainers in the UK. Enjoy!