Discover the Voi Cafe Culture

Voi jeans at footasylum
Voi jeans at footasylum The Voi jeans label was created to combine influences from all around the world; the continental influence is evident across key collections and the flagship UK establishment.

Cafe culture has always been a major attraction for holiday makers visiting Europe. Continental society is beautifully artistic, sociably warm, loud and bustling and incredibly sophisticated. For anyone travelling to a European destination, the late night coffee houses, the cake stalls and the al fresco dining environment just ooze culture and life. Voi jeans has taken influences from around the world, carefully incorporating ones of Europe’s most talked about charms.

Voi Jeans – A Colourful Kind of Cool

Established back in 1988, Voi started its journey as a denim brand for men. While the creators of Voi Jeans wanted to amalgamate all the unique denim wash techniques to create a stunning jeans label, they also took other cultural influence on board. One of the key distinctions of Voi clothing compared to other brands is its ability to inject interesting bursts of colour.

Today, we have collections from this name that stand out in any crowd and the continental flavours are evident in each garment. Europe is renowned for its cafe culture, its long streets lined with cafes and late night dessert eateries, and its cobbled squares surrounded by delicious delicatessens, patisseries and outdoor seating. The UK flagship Voi headquarters in Preston celebrates European travel with a Voi cafe.

The Voi Cafe

The Voi headquarters opened in Preston with its flagship store and stylishly contemporary Voi cafe, open to anyone who loves combining continental culture with the creative styling of Voi clothing. Today, the label is available from most reputable designer stores around the UK, and the looks that can be achieved include sporty/casual, smart/casual, smart/evening and smart/urban.

The clothing brand offers a range of garments that can be worn all year around, for a multitude of occasions, including jeans, t-shirts, knitwear, jackets and outerwear, casual wear, hoodies, shirts, polo shirts and more.

As well as the European influences of Voi Jeans, there are also many key features following the lead of Japanese tailoring and inspiration from other areas of the world. Now with nationwide coverage in the UK, Voi clothing lovers will be able to find the latest pieces from top designer retailers, both on the high street and online.

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