Creative Recreation Trainers

Creative Recreation Trainers

As trainers have become a mainstay of fashion apparel, there’s been an increased need for trainer designs which are robust enough to support an athletic lifestyle, but which are stylish enough to be perfectly suited for urban life.

Imaginative Footwear Fashion

Californian brand Creative Recreation have been instrumental in pushing this design ethic into the forefront of popular fashion imagination, with their comprehensive ranges of uniquely styled trainers which combine the comfort of a high performance sports shoe with the aesthetic design of a dress shoe. The result? A trainer which can be worn anywhere, at any time, and which will never let you down in terms of either comfort or credibility. It’s no wonder that, over their 10 years of producing fashion forward footwear for stylish young men, Creative Recreation have gone from strength to strength.

Polished Style for Everyday Wear

There’s no point creating an amazing outfit if you overlook the most important part of finishing your look – what you put on your feet. Creative Recreation are all too aware of the importance of stylish footwear, which is why they’ve specifically designed all of their trainers to be totally suitable for any type of occasion. Never again will you need to run the risk of getting caught without stylish footwear, as Creative Recreation trainers can be worn from day to night, and from the playing field to the party.

Fashion Forward Thinking from Head to Toe

What makes Creative Recreation trainers so forward thinking is both their technical design and their style. Mixed denims, tweed and canvas are showcased in a wide range of on-trend colours, including oxblood, mint, tweed and navy, for a totally in-style look that’s sure to get you noticed. In addition, signature straps and patent detailing panels feature across many of Creative Recreation’s collections, as well as thoughtful detailing in the laces and trim.