Creative Recreation Footwear Now Available at Footasylum
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Creative Recreation Clothing Here at Footasylum!

Creative Recreation has led the way when it comes to pioneering and innovative footwear for over a decade now and Footasylum is proud to say that we now stock a large selection of their clothing items as well!

From stylish tees and hooded tops to track pants and jackets, their all new clothing line complements the footwear available right here at the Footasylum site perfectly. Make a real impression by taking a good look through the Creative Recreation lookbook and choosing some clothing that will set you apart from the crowd.

About Creative Recreation

Creative Recreation was founded in 2002 as an original lifestyle footwear brand. Since then, they have set standards when it comes to making trainers and sneakers which find a balance between comfort and style. As such, the brand has become a firm favourite here at Footasylum.