Creative Recreation

Creative recreation at footasylum
Creative recreation at footasylum

The brand history of Creative Recreation

Creative Recreation was officially launched in Orange County, California in 2002. The founders of Creative Recreation noticed a huge void in the footwear market. Everyone was offering either dress shoes to be worn with a suit or athletic inspired sneakers that were not acceptable at most functions for our lifestyles.
No one was offering footwear to young professionals with style. Two long time friends who were already enjoying a prosperous career in the footwear industry decided they would be the ones to change the game.
Realising that this generation was not going to follow in the same footsteps as the one before them Creative Recreation began their own journey. Being successful in this generation did not require wearing a suit and tie rather it was just the opposite. This generation is in more control or their destiny and their careers. This genre has become known for its entrepreneurial drive. Along with this came freedoms of fashion in the work place and in other social setting.

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