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International Rock Stars Choose Converse Footwear

Green Day and Soundgarden to collaborate with legendary Converse footwear, bolstering their range of music-inspired products.

How Hi Top Converse Have Stood the Test of Time

From practical beginnings to global popularity.

Converse All Stars: A Modern Icon

Converse All Stars may be nearly 100 years old, but they are still some of the coolest trainers in the world.

Smarten It Up with Leather Converse Trainers

If you’re looking for the ultimate in smart-casual footwear, leather Converse trainers could be for you

Converse Shoes UK: Staggering Statistics

Want to know how many shoes Converse have made? Read on…

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars: Iconic Shoes

They’re some of the most well-known shoes in the world, but where did it all begin?

Five Fabulous Pairs of Converse Footwear

There are some super-cool Converse sneakers available today, so let’s take a look at five of the best.

Converse Trainers – Traditionally Unorthodox

How many designer labels can boast over 100 years of history? Converse trainers can.

Brave the Elements with Converse Trainers

If you are looking for footwear that can help you prepare for unpredictable weather conditions, choose Converse to keep feet cosy in 2012.

Converse Trainers-Supermodel Style

Supermodels are paid to look flawless but it is crucial to look stylish both on and off set. Channel the style of an off duty supermodel with Converse shoes.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Custom Made Converse Trainers

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your partner, wear your heart on your shoes with the Valentine’s Day collection from Converse.

Converse – the “Must-have” Footwear

Doesn’t everyone have a pair of Converse trainers in their collection?

The Converse Rainbow

Apart from being one of the most-loved shoe brands in the world, Converse is famous for its myriad of colours and designs.

Style Tips for Wearing Converse Trainers

Converse trainers are unquestionably one of the coolest forms of footwear on the market and the street cred associated with them is second to none. There are a few tips to bear in mind when it comes to getting the styling of your Converse trainers right.

Converse Trainers - A Style Icon of the 80s

Don’t miss out on the brand new Converse trainer collection this Autumn.

Brand New Men & Women’s Converse Trainer Collection

Everyone remembers shoulder pads, leggings and ripped denim, as fashion items in the 1980s, but Converse trainers were the footwear of choice then too!

Converse Aim to Hit the Musical Heights

Converse have a well earned reputation for being a hip and funky brand that has stood the test of time but, thanks to some slick manoeuvring, kept ahead of the crowd and taken its classic high tops, low tops and clothing to a new level.

Converse - The Winged Messenger

Flying Converse trainers feature in the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.

Converse - Dressing Up

Lily Allen isn’t the only one who can do ball gowns and trainers; Converse sneakers can liven up any outfit.

The Converse Hi-Top Revival

Converse shoes have always been hip thanks to their strong association with music, but now it seems trainers and hi-tops are making an official revival on the fashion scene.

Converse Shoes are something to Sing About

Converse are a shoe rooted in the world of pop culture and music, the ultimate punk rockers choice of footwear.

Converse - Cool at Any Age

Converse is one of the few brands that really can transcend the age barrier.

Converse - The Basketball Link

Converse is inextricably linked with the rise of basketball as one of the USA’s most popular sports.

Converse – The History of Cool

Converse is one of the coolest footwear brands around. Converse weren’t just born cool; the brand worked hard and has a long history dating back to the early 1900s.

Why Converse Rock

Converse is one of the hippest footwear brands around, it’s not surprising they’ve been embraced by the world of rock & roll.