Classic Lemon Stone Roses T Shirts

Amplified  at footasylum

Amplified at footasylum
Are lemons your favourite fruit? If they are and you also like the Stone Roses you’ll be glad to be able to combine both on this stylish and iconic Stone Roses t shirt Treat yourself to one of these classic luscious lemon Stone Roses t shirts from the Amplified range on Foot Asylum.

The lemon motif is one of the most recognisable cover images from one of the Stone Roses albums and has become synonymous with the nostalgia for the first ever Stone Roses album that shot them to fame during the Manchester Brit pop theme. The 1989 album included the classic tracks of “I Wanna Be Adored”, “Waterfall” and Made of Stone”. If you’re a long time fan of the Stone Roses music then owning one of these Amplified lemon Stone Roses t shirts is a must.

Stone Roses T Shirts – Fans Love Band Shirts

Wearing a t shirt to show everyone else who your favourite band is can create an identifiable group of music fans that you’d want to be a member of. It’s a type of social grouping that works within the mass population to stand out from other folk who prefer different styles of music.

Your social standing depends on your own likes and dislikes in music and culture, so to wear a music-branded t shirt like one of the Stone Roses t shirts will spread the message that you’re a dedicated fan of that particular band. The whole Manchester and Brit pop music scene in the early nineties displayed this division of social grouping through different music tastes clearly, with some bands battling against each other musically, and politically, to gain more fans than their close competitors.

Lemon Stone Roses T Shirts – Based on Album Cover Art

Album cover art has been a source of heated design discussion since the invention of the LP. Nowadays, even though new music isn’t released in record form, the artwork that’s designed to illustrate the music within the CD packaging is nearly as important to the avid fan of the band as the music itself. In order to find exactly the right artwork to reflect the style, values and type of music contained in the tracks, a great deal of time, and money, is devoted to designing the album covers. This makes the band’s music CDs easy to find in the music shops as well as offering a platform for discussion for the fans too. Stone Roses t shirts, as well as other bands, are designed to relate closely to the album covers, hence the use of the Stone Roses lemon emblem. Stone Roses t shirts are instantly recognised because of the now world renowned lemon motif designed initially on the album cover.

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These classic lemon Stone Roses T Shirts won’t be stocked forever. In the same way that the longevity of the band was limited by their success, and stunted by greedy record labels, the Amplified Stone Roses t shirts will soon become scarce. Get your hands on the classic Amplified Stone Roses t shirts stocked at Foot Asylum today. Shop online today at Foot Asylum.