Chill Out with Laidback Loungewear from Franklin and Marshall

Franklin & marshall at footasylum
Franklin & marshall at footasylum You can chill out in college-cool fashions with laidback loungewear from Franklin and Marshall with its vintage-inspired collection of heritage clothing that makes relaxing uber-stylish.

Kick back in comfortable clothing from Franklin and Marshall that reminds you of those chilled-out days on campus. Franklin & Marshall have a retro vibe reminiscent of the American college lifestyle. From lazy days in the sun to relaxed sporting events; their laidback vintage look appeals to anyone looking for effortlessly cool clothing.

Relax with Retro Loungewear from Franklin and Marshall

Celebrating their heritage, Franklin and Marshall established their brand by recreating a relaxed retro vibe with unforced fashion trends. From vintage-inspired faded t-shirts to brightly coloured team-spirit tops; Franklin and Marshall tapped into that care-free cool that was founded on the university campuses of North America. Inspired by a single sweatshirt from a second-hand market in London; Franklin and Marshall clothing has come to represent those mellow memories and a comfortable heritage from the 1970’s. Their loose-fitting and unfussy designs fit in effortlessly wherever they go.

Get Comfortably Casual in Franklin and Marshall Clothing

Franklin and Marshall clothing offers a timeless collection of comfortably casual apparel. Their smoothly faded fabrics and easy-going getup comes in a range of vintage-style athletic wear that was made for chillaxing.

Franklin and Marshall T-Shirts - With retro colours and collegiate lettering, these take-a-break t-shirts are slouchy enough to enjoy a relaxed evening with friends or to get involved with some healthy team-sports.

Franklin and Marshall Fleece Pants - For those who believe comfort is king, Franklin and Marshall fleece pants offer unbeatably soft material and a care-free casual cut that makes them the ideal time-out trouser.

Franklin and Marshall Hooded Top – Synonymous with the campus lifestyle, Franklin and Marshall hoodies are hailed as some of the most snug around. Made from 100% cotton, they make breathable athletic wear.

Franklin and Marshall Clothing from Footasylum

If you are looking for laidback looks with a vintage vibe, you can find a range of Franklin and Marshall apparel to suit you at Footasylum. Our collection of Franklin and Marshall clothing offers effortless cool every time. To find out more about the Franklin & Marshall clothing range, browse our extensive collection online today.