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With every purchase of a pair of Toms shoes, they will give a pair to a child that is in desperate need of quality footwear to help them walk long distances to school, fetch medical aid and just have fun being kids.

Toms Shoes began when founder Blake Mycoskie witness firsthand the impoverished state that a group of children in Argentina lived in. Horrified that these young kids had nothing to put on their feet and nothing to protect them from soil-related diseases; he went on to create a company with compassion at its core. Toms was born with a simple aim; to give a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes that was bought by a customer. Their One for One movement and quality footwear took the world by storm; enabling to make successful “shoe drops” around the world in some of the most poverty-stricken areas.

Join the Footwear Revolution with Toms Shoes

Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the lives of children in developing countries, Toms transformed their customers into benefactors; enabling them to grow a truly sustainable business rather than depending on fundraising for support. This unique and cause-worthy mission caused major brands to follow suit. Collaborating with fashion giants like Ralph Lauren; they have encouraged big corporations to incorporate generosity into their everyday business practices.

Step into Their Shoes with Toms

Many children in developing countries grow up without any footwear. Some walk miles to school, some work and do chores, some even become ill or injured as a result. Toms have seen firsthand the hardship that many children suffer without shoes.

Contract Diseases – Lack of footwear in developing countries can lead to contraction of soil-related diseases. Pathogens can penetrate the skin through bare feet causing sickness, long-term illness and even deaths. Toms have supplied many children already with adequate footwear to help prevent these diseases and their harmful effects.

Suffer Injuries – Injuries sustained in developing countries can be devastating. Often miles from medical aid, injured children can become seriously wounded and suffer from infections in their cuts. Toms shoes can provide protection against injuries that may seem small but can have terrible impact on a child’s life.

Banned from School – Many schools insist that children have shoes in order to attend. Without them, children may fail to receive an education and miss out on the opportunities they are desperate to pursue.

Buy One, Give One with Toms Shoes from Footasylum

If you are looking for ethical shoes, you can find a great selection of Toms footwear at Footasylum. Choosing a pair from our collection of Toms shoes will enable another child to benefit from their very own pair. Browse our range of Toms footwear online today.