Brand New AW10 Collection from Franklin & Marshall

Franklin & marshall at footasylum
Franklin & marshall at footasylum

Franklin & Marshall’s Brand New AW10 Collection is classic vintage clothing at its best.

Ever the traditionally vintage clothing company, Franklin & Marshall yet again manage to pull all the stops out with it brand new AW10 collection. The typical combination of American and Italian sport style together to create a hybrid collection of totally new clothes designs is a genius idea. Their unique and innovative mix of all-American casual sportswear, alongside the more stylish Italian designer wear has proved a popular hit around the world in the UK and US alike. The brand new AW10 collection looks like it won’t disappoint this year either.

Accessories include Football Duffle Bags, Baseball Caps & Beanies

Franklin and Marshall’s extensive line of accessories to compliment their clothing range are a brilliantly put together collection ready for the Autumn and Winter seasons. Woollen scarves, gloves, base ball caps and sports bags, all the usual cold weather apparel to keep you warm is a great accompaniment to the fleecy warm hoodies and jackets in this year’s collection. Italian fashion quality is world famous especially when it comes to leather goods and shoes, but unexpectedly the Franklin & Marshall casual look is just as popular in Italy as it is in the UK and the US. It shows that a fusion of two cultures can work perfectly together in total harmony.

Franklin & Marshall Brand New AW10 Collection is a Hit

The Franklin & Marshall high quality products retain the classic looks that are derived from Italy with the vintage college Americanism that appeals to students all over the world. If you love wearing casual sporty clothes and you’ve got a think about vintage clothes from the 1950s to the 1970s then you’ll adore the latest brand new AW10 collection from Franklin & Marshall. From subtle coloured sweaters to brightly, designed polo shirts, the Franklin & Marshall clothing range never fail to surprise and delight. Looking for the brand new AW10 collection? Check out the stock on Foot Asylum today.

Franklin & Marshall Autumn & Winter Collection from Foot Asylum

If you’re looking for something special this winter and like the idea of the Italian/American mix, look no further than the brand new AW10 Collection from Franklin & Marshall at the Foot Asylum. Get the college-preppy look crossed with Italian casual quality and style. Call 08442090804 for stock information, or to order direct from the Foot Asylum, take a browse around our online shop.