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Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum

Adidas designs have been protected by the lawyers working for the brand for many years, sometimes successfully and sometimes not.

There’s a long history of copyright protection when it comes to the Adidas three stripes and trefoil design. The importance of protecting the image and branding of a huge company like Adidas is absolutely vital if they are going to be able to compete against numerous fake and counterfeit goods. Every successful brand is eventually targeted by scammers and copycats trying to leap on the back of their years of hard work and retail success to make a quick buck so having a sharp team of eagle eyed lawyers to protect their image is essential.

Protecting the Brand New AW10 Collection – Adidas Trefoil

The three leaves, or petals, of the famous Adidas logo symbolize the Olympic spirit and represent the three continents of the world joined together. The leaves are divided horizontally by three equidistant white lines and have been the corporate branding of Adidas since the early 1970s. The plainer three stripe logo can be thought of as representing the running tracks of an athletic stadium, but even if it isn’t, it’s now synonymous with the quality, competence and reputation that Adidas has built up over many years in the trade. So they have very good reason to protect the use of it.

The Importance of Brand Identity and Reputation

The brand new AW10 collection from Adidas Originals uses their trefoil design new ways. It’s not just a standard logo printed above the left breast of a t shirt or track top, it’s been creatively used on the back of firebird laced track tops and naturally shown on every pair of trainers they manufacture. It’s a worldwide recognisable symbol for top athletes around the world, and of course, aspiring young athletes around the world want to be seen wearing the same brand as their sporting heroes too.

Adidas Hits the Digital Age with Mobile Apps

The very latest news from the Adidas head office is the imminent launch of the Adidas new free training app. It’s called miCoach and has been created to assist athletes to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. The miCoach app will also help expand the Adidas brand presence to consumers who use smart phones like Blackberrys and iPhones. Designed to turn your phone into a personal training device, it includes a GPS pace triggered voice coach, personalised training plans, an exercise calendar, navigator, and workout feedback utilities. It appears that the future plans of Adidas includes moving into the lifestyle solution sector, and make Adidas a household name associated with everyday life challenges as well as fitness apparel.

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